Letter from Sonadezi Chau Duc’s Chairman


Mr Dinh Ngoc Thuan

Sonadezi Chau Duc’s Chairman

           Sonadezi Chau Duc Shareholding Company is a member of Corporation for the Development of Industrial Park-(Sonadezi Corporation JSC), one of the most successful pioneers in the developing and managing industrial park in Vietnam. Our objective is to design and build a 2287 hectares of land at Ba Ria-Vung Tau province to be the busiest, most modern industrial and residential complex, the “Gateway to global commerce” at Southern Economics Zone

          In our over 25 years experiences of developing and managing industrial park, we realized that investors usually receive limited services such as land or workshop for lease. Therefore, in order to satisfy investors’ demands better and increase services’ quality for our customers, Sonadezi Chau Duc Company has confidently come forth with the idea of an industrial and residential complex with many different sectors including: residential, industrial, commercial, service and entertainment. All these different projects above together will satisfy all investors’ demands throughout their time doing business here. This project marks the beginning of new strategic direction of entire Sonadezi Corporation and especially Sonadezi Chau Đuc.

          Realizing the importance of our customers’ needs, together with our strategic view and high capability, we promise to offer investors an industrial park with sufficient and comprehensive infrastructures, perfect services, a highly potential business environment which located at the center of South-Eastern trade route with the world , an ideal living environment with many high class services. We look forward to working with you in order to make business ideas reality, and gain many successes at Chau Duc industrial residential complex. Once again we want to show you our appreciation and welcome you to Chau Duc industrial residential complex, Vietnam’s “Gateway to global commerce”.