News Sonadezi Corporation Announced Brand Identity System

Thứ hai, 20/04/2020, 08:45 GMT+7

On 17th april 2019, Sonadezi Corporation organized an event to announce its brand identity system and a new website interface.

The Corporation’s logo includes 4 versions: horizontal logo, horizontal logo with slogan, vertical logo and vertical logo with slogan.

Vertical Sonadezi logo with slogan


The brand identity system of Sonadezi Corporation was officially applied in the whole network of the Corporation from 17th april, 2019. Along with the announcement of the Brand Identity System, Sonadezi Corporation also issued a Trademark User Manual, which clearly defines logo standards, application principles, and application of the Sonadezi brand for member companies.


The launch event and announcement of the brand identity system of Sonadezi Corporation.

The Sonadezi brand history is short for National Society for the Development of Industrial Zones (Société Nationale Pour Le Dévelopment des Zones Industrielles), established on 26th December 1963. On a  mission to find land to establish and develop industrial zones, from the day of established to before the liberation day in 1975, Sonadezi had established a lot of industrial zones throughout the country, one of them is the Bien Hoa industrial zone (usually called Bien Hoa 1 industrial park).

After April 30, 1975, Sonadezi was dissolved. In 1990, the Infrastructure Company took over Bien Hoa Industrial Park established by the People's Committee of Dong Nai province, Bien Hoa Industrial Park Development Company, took back the name Sonadezi as a name transaction, marking a return to the Sonadezi commercial brand and continuing the mission of investing, developing infrastructure of the industrial park.


Mrs. Do Thi Thu Hang - Chairman of Sonadezi Corporation spoke at the ceremony.

After nearly 30 years, Sonadezi has affirmed its prestige and position as a strong infrastructure corporation. Sonadezi brand is considered a successful symbol and one of the valuable assets of Sonadezi Corporation, resonating and promoting brand value.

Over the years, in addition to efforts to develop the size and value of the Company, Sonadezi has paid attention to building brands. Specifically, many years ago the Sonadezi logo was designed and copyrighted. However, the management, use and exploitation of the Sonadezi logo in recent years have failed to comply with the principles and standards, affecting the Corporation's brand image recognition.

In addition, since 2005, Sonadezi has operated under the model of a Complex with the merger of 21 members. Over the past 14 years, Sonadezi Corporation and its affiliates have built a strong and developing system together. However, the association of brand image of the Corporation is still fragmented, lack of connection, inconsistency, and brand identity of the system is still limited.


Mr Phan Dinh Tham - Sonadezi Corporation General Director speaking at the Ceremony.

From the above issues, Sonadezi Corporation and its affiliates decided to restructure the brand to fully exploit and promote the brand value of Sonadezi Corporation, resonating with the brand value of each member units to create a uniform, systematic and closely linked brand image, thereby increasing the brand value of each unit and the whole network.

Brand identity system of Sonadezi Corporation

At the ceremony, the brand restructuring consultant introduced Sonadezi Corporation's Brand Manual. In which, in addition to introducing the structure and meaning of the logo of Sonadezi Corporation, the consultant gave detailed instructions on the principle of applying Sonadezi brand name to member companies.

Hinh5-1024x683Representatives of the consulting division introduced Sonadezi Corporation's Trademark Manual.


Mr Chu Thanh Son - Sonadezi Corporation Deputy General Director handed over the Sonadezi Corporation brand manual to its member units.

Currently, Sonadezi Chau Duc Shareholding Company has also completed the work of building a brand identity.

Hinh8-1024x683Leaders of Sonadezi Corporation, member companies and consulting division take souvenir photos.